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IMDB Rating: 7.7/10 from votes
Release: 1971 /

Alias Smith and Jones

Genre: Western
Creators: Jeffrey Hayden, Alexander Singer, Jack Arnold, Barry Shear, Richard Benedict, Fernando Lamas, Gene Levitt, Richard C. Bennett, Jeff Corey, Bruce Wilson
Stars: Ben Murphy, Roger Davis, Pete Duel, Ralph Story, Edwin Rochelle, Jimmie Booth, Dennis Fimple, Walt Davis, Nick Borgani, J.D. Cannon, Ford Rainey, Bill Fletcher, Burl Ives, Jon Lormer, Ben Frommer, Slim Pickens, Mills Watson, John Russell, Bill McKinney, Steve Gravers, Gary Van Ormand, Clarke Gordon, Keenan Wynn, Walter Brennan, Cesar Romero, Sam Jaffe, Michele Lee, Robert Donner, John Kellogg, Jackie Coogan, Charles H. Gray, Paul Fix, Dave Morick, Geoffrey Lewis, Frederic Downs, Dennis Rucker, Rudy Diaz, Sonny Shields, Bill Quinn, Paul Schott, Sid Haig, Elliott Montgomery, Monty Laird, Charles Dierkop, Harry Hickox, Read Morgan, Cecil Combs, Harold 'Hal' Frizzell, Hank Robinson, John McGiver, Rudy Vallee, Joanna Barnes, Neville Brand, James Drury, Brett Halsey, Robert Middleton, Buddy Ebsen, Ramon Bieri, David Canary, Sally Field, L.Q. Jones, Rod Cameron, Dana Elcar, Pernell Roberts, Nico Minardos, Allen Joseph, Dub Taylor, Glenn Corbett, Logan Ramsey, Kenneth Tobey, Ted Gehring, Sallie Shockley, Earl Holliman, William Mims, Mike Road, Joe Haworth, Paul Micale, Ken Scott, David Gruner, William Bryant, Michael Carr, Robert Nichols, Richard Wright, Jack Manning, Laurie Ferrone, Robert Gooden, Harry Northup, Tom Waters, Ref Sanchez, Amzie Strickland, X Brands, Vaughn Taylor, Dave Garroway, Jerry Harper, Maurice Hill, Booth Colman, Peter Brocco, Lars Hensen, Hal Needham, Rod McGaughy
Synopsis: Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry, two of the most wanted outlaws in the history of the West, are popular...

Season 1

Episode 1   -   Alias Smith and Jones
Episode 2   -   The McCreedy Bust
Episode 3   -   Exit from Wickenburg
Episode 4   -   Wrong Train to Brimstone
Episode 5   -   The Girl in Boxcar #3
Episode 6   -   The Great Shell Game
Episode 7   -   Return to Devil's Hole
Episode 8   -   A Fistful of Diamonds
Episode 9   -   Stagecoach Seven
Episode 10   -   The Man Who Murdered Himself
Episode 11   -   The Root of It All
Episode 12   -   The 5th Victim
Episode 13   -   Journey from San Juan
Episode 14   -   Never Trust an Honest Man
Episode 15   -   The Legacy of Charlie O'Rourke

Season 2

Episode 1   -   The Day They Hanged Kid Curry
Episode 2   -   How to Rob a Bank in One Hard Lesson
Episode 3   -   Jailbreak at Junction City
Episode 4   -   Smiler with a Gun
Episode 5   -   The Posse That Wouldn't Quit
Episode 6   -   Something to Get Hung About
Episode 7   -   Six Strangers at Apache Springs
Episode 8   -   Night of the Red Dog
Episode 9   -   The Reformation of Harry Briscoe
Episode 10   -   Dreadful Sorry Clementine
Episode 11   -   Shootout at Diablo Station
Episode 12   -   The Bounty Hunter
Episode 13   -   Everything Else You Can Steal
Episode 14   -   Miracle at Santa Marta
Episode 15   -   21 Days to Tenstrike
Episode 16   -   The McCreedy Bust: Going, Going, Gone
Episode 17   -   The Man Who Broke the Bank at Red Gap
Episode 18   -   The Men That Corrupted Hadleyburg
Episode 19   -   The Biggest Game in the West
Episode 20   -   Which Way to the O.K. Corral?
Episode 21   -   Don't Get Mad, Get Even
Episode 22   -   What's in It for Mia?
Episode 23   -   Bad Night in Big Butte

Season 3

Episode 1   -   The Long Chase
Episode 2   -   High Lonesome Country
Episode 3   -   The McCreedy Feud
Episode 4   -   The Clementine Ingredient
Episode 5   -   Bushwack!
Episode 6   -   What Happened at the XST?
Episode 7   -   The Ten Days That Shook Kid Curry
Episode 8   -   The Day the Amnesty Came Through
Episode 9   -   The Strange Fate of Conrad Meyer Zulick
Episode 10   -   McGuffin
Episode 11   -   Witness to a Lynching
Episode 12   -   Only Three to a Bed

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